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Our Story

Once upon a time, there was a girl in the tiny town of Elko, BC who decided to pick up a hobby. She promised herself that if she chose to make soap, she would not stop until she mastered it. And thus began the journey that would lead to Soco Soaps.

The first batches were made in the summer of 2009 on the patio table outside, and they were terrible!  Remembering her promise to herself, owner Karey Pion continued to make batches and gradually started making some decent soap! After a ton of constant research, tweaking and formulating, Soco Soaps had to begin selling at the local farmers markets toting her small baby, to make more room for more research, tweaking and formulating.

Becoming a mother in 2011 made it so much more important to be able to provide natural products for her family, that everyone would want to use, that also have amazing, skin loving ingredients.  Soco Soaps believes in the balance of natural and fun and that soap can be a canvas of something beautiful for the skin, and for the eyes! All soaps and products are made with so much love and passion, with natural ingredients and a touch of whimsy.

Soap making being ever evolving, with so many new ideas to try, Soco Soaps isn’t sure it is even possible to ever master it. Yet she will continue to try.  


Our Soaps:

Our soaps are made with over 50% Olive oil for its mildness, as well as Coconut Oil and Sustainable Palm. We have a large selection of soaps, some with all natural essential oil blends, and some with Phthalate free fragrances.  Essential oil soaps are 99.9% Natural, the Fragrance oil soaps are 96.1% natural.  

*Phthalate free

*Paraben free


*we do not test on animals (besides my own personal mini human animals)

*clear ingredients list. Anything in our products is on the labels.

*no SLS


Made with love in the tiny town of Fernie, BC